deta batteries

DETA, founded 1945 in Germany, is one of the most traditional battery brands. DETA was having subsidies in many European countries and exported to the Middle East and many African countries. The brand was and is very well known for its quality, innovation and service and was a supplier to many OE manufacturers

  • One of Exide´s first brands with a full premium range and program serving the Independent Aftermarket with OE technology and quality
  • Engineered and manufactured in Europe
  • Strong German brand with high quality & service approach & recognition
  • SLI, Start-Stop and Auxiliary batteries for Light Vehicles
  • Complete battery range for Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road, including HVR®
  • Responsibility
    Metro Lube manages business with utmost obligation and the company and its employees abide by the rules and regulations set by the country of operation and we consider compliance to such rules and regulation as our responsibility.
    At Metro Lube, we guarantee, quick response, quality service, timely supply and technical expertise.


    JIS- Japanese Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries
    42B19 R
    42B19 L
    55B24 R/L
    55B24 RS/LS
    48D26 R

    48D26 L

    55D23 R
    55D23 L
    75D23 R
    JIS- Japanese Sealed Maintenance Free Heavy Duty Batteries

    N 100

    N 120
    N 200
    DIN European Maintenance Free Batteries
    54519 MF
    55559 MF
    56219 MF
    56638 MF
    57512 MF
    58014 MF
    58827 MF
    60038 MF
    DIN European Maintenance Free Heavy Duty Batteries
    62034 MF
    63530 MF
    64020 MF
    67018 MF
    68032 MF
    70027 MF
    72027 MF
    73027 MF
    BCI - American Maintenance Batteries
    58-530 MF
    75-610 MF
    86-550L MF
    86-550R MF
    74-60 MF
    78-72 MF
    34-72 MF
    65-850 MF